Always challenge miracle

Recently I’m thinking of the meaning in my life. Whatever I lose or get something that was not the end of the life, we always have another objective to get or maybe restart training or studying and try to get again and again until win.


So I’m thinking that why me always like to chanllenge the work or the job or the task. Because i have much fun when i’m working , sometimes geting something or get some new skills or learned some knowledge. The root is I’m insteresting in doing some special thing which I really like.

Sometimes I was tired, I dont know why, but I was really tired to do the special thing which interest before. But I’m still keep moving to do that, it makes the job much more lower effective, and my brain becomes more and more slow to run. The feeling of failed and sad coming, the situation becomes much more bad now.

I know you have to win or get the special thing, its your purpose and you must insist.But is it the best way to insist doing the only thing you want? I think no, you can keep learning but not the only thing in your life.

So I would like to say that, we must keep moving but not only in one thing. The most important thing is we are keeping have fun in studying or learning something. If you are tired, pls just put it down or drop it directly, then finding out the thing which you have fun.

Do not spend all your time on training or studying - this way you will probably become very exhausted and unwilling to compete more. Whatever you do - have fun.

Once you find programming is no fun anymore – drop it. Play soccer, find a girlfriend or boyfriend, study something not related to programming, just live a life.

work are only work, job are only job, programming are only programming, and nothing more. Don’t let them become your life - for your life is much more interesting and colorful.

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    Always challenge miracle

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