Challenge your fearing

#Challenge your fearing

Recently I’m thinking about the challenge. Why we stop challenging? Why pick up again after we drop it? What it the best way to keep moving?

We challenge a lot in live. Pick one example in my life.

My swimming experience.

In my swimming experience fearing is the most important thing I have to overcome. I’m not the smart one in people, my swimming experience begin at 10 years old, until now I just know how to swim in free style.


Fearing stay in the whole swimming experience. At the beginning of swim, I scare gone down in the water, I cant breathe air as normally as on lands. It makes me feel that I will die. I escape like a army deserter.

The fearing makes me stop learning swim. A long time after, one day in summer, my fearing about swim fade away, but still dont like to swim, until one day someone invite me to swim together. I lie to them that I can swim, it makes me feel good. Because some of them never tried swim, they even never went to swim pool before. I feel good, at least i went to swim pool, and tried.

I’m in my a little self-confidence, try to focous on learning, but still scare a lot. I scare after my energy expend I will die. There’s too much fearing in my head, makes me drop again. ‘I can not learn swim’ I told to myself in sad.

a long time after again, fearing fade away again. One day in summer again, in one friend’s party we talk about the sport, I support swimming is the best one in sport. After that I think must keep the truth in life, I went to swim pool, start learning again.

This time, I keep do swimming sport for a long days, because no longer scare breathe air, and no longer scare expend energy. I put my focous on swimming skill, the skill how to breathe enough air and how to save energy. I do a greate job on swim now, can swim a lot without fearing.

I know one example is not enough to prove anything, but most of things has the same root. Fearing is always the most important thing we have to beat. If you can beat fearing in anything, u can win the world.

Why we stop? Most of the reason is fearing, or you can say the unknow future, its the same as fearing. We scare that we can’t learn or finish, we thought its too hard for us.

Why pick up again? The fearing fade away, or maybe we forget the feelling of fear, or maybe someone push us to do. Many unknow reasons or things will push us to pick up again after fearing away. But no scare anymore is necessary.

What’s the best way to keep moving? Try your best to find the way you think is fun for you to overcome the fearing. Fearing is the biggest boss we must beat, and you must clear that it can’t be beated in a short time, it will be continues for a long long time in your head, longer than you think. So find out the fun thing for you, it will makes you more intereted in keep moving.

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