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It’s a long time before back to blog. Before, I went to Weibo to study something about finance. It’s good for me in the future. So now I have much knowledge and experience in finance invest. I’m glad that I make the real world more close to me.


And also, through studying finance I completely know technology is very much importanter than i thought before. Technology makes me have good work or job and also good life. Good life is the most important thing, and good life is depends on money and work sometime must be chanllenge. Money is not the most important thing but work and knowledge is, if you have knowledge and keep works you will be talent which must be popular round you.

I stay at Weibo for a long time and learn much. But why I’m back, first reason is its too much information in Weibo both good and bad that makes me mix. Second one is more and more uesless information on Weibo makes me too tired to skip them. So i said to myself that i must think in individual style, only thinking individual style makes me more and more powerful. If I just follow some guy or some information I will be completely failed in my life. The only way to beat otherones else is keep leaning and thinking in individual style.

Now I’m back. It’s a completely new start for my technology and my life. I will record all my mind, idea, experience or life in the blog. I wont be shy if my words were error in your view, but I would like to see that you can comment in the end of the page.

‘Keep moving, never stop” is my motto.

Thanks for your reading.

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Thanks for your reading

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